About us

Grūdoteka was founded in 1993. Its founder and owner Aidas Kaveckis with the team started to operate in the agricultural sector by selling fish meal and fish oil. This was the first product of the company supplied the Baltic and CIS countries. Successful start in the agricultural business encouraged the company managers to start selling soybean meal in 2002. They now make up the largest part of the Grūdoteka trade.

Fair activities of the undertaking did not go unnoticed. In 2011, the international agency DS Certificering (Denmark) certified the company under the Standard GTP (Good Trading Practise Standard) for transparent, reliable and responsible trade. This certificate proves the reliability of Grūdoteka in the global agricultural sector.

In the same year, director of Grūdoteka Aidas Kaveckis received the proposal of collaboration from one of the world's largest agricultural companies, Bunge. From 2011, Grūdoteka became the main partner of soybean meal trade in Eastern and Central Asian countries. Company Grūdoteka was also noticed In Lithuania and was nominated at the Gazelle of the Year contest.

The company successfully operating for more than 20 years uses its commercial experience accumulated over long years; and with loyal partners in the forefront seeks to remain reliable and valued among clients and a highly ranked trading company.

Grūdoteka has been successfully selling soybean meal, fish products and other feed additives for more than 20 years. Main export countries include Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan.

The quality of products is ensured by cooperation with one of the strongest world’s agricultural companies Bunge and the reliable company trading Standard GTP (Good Trading Practice Standard).

Based on the principles of integrity and accuracy in its business, Grūdoteka has earned the trust of clients and partners. We have resources to adapt to the needs of our clients – to implement the order within a month or sign a cooperation agreement for many years.

23 years of growth history

Setting up

Beginning of trade
in fish meal and fat

Beginning of trade
in soy meal

Cooperation with the global company Bunge. GTP Standard Certificate

Gazelle of the Year contest nomination

Beginning of trade in vegetable oils


Grūdoteka sells soybean meal, fish products and feed additives in the CIS, European and Asian countries.









Business ethics and values

Daily Grūdoteka activities are based on the principles of specificity and integrity. Cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers is based on the dissemination of accurate and clear information. In every order, regardless of its size or time limits, specific and detailed information for the future transaction is provided.

Relationships with colleagues, partners and suppliers are based on understanding, leading to a mutually satisfactory result.

In international trade, partnership is the strongest ground for success. Grūdoteka develops close and long-term relationships with all its partners.

Responsible approach in dealing with clients or colleagues is applied at every step.

Social responsibility

Grūdoteka develops socially responsible business and shares its business success with the local community. Although the company's attitude is that the good works are done quietly, Grūdoteka’s contribution to the fostering of the community of the city of Klaipeda is obvious.

In autumn 2012, Grūdoteka owner Aidas Kaveckis together with the manager of Bega company Aloyzas Kuzmarskis invested in the restoration of the Klaipeda city symbol Meridianas and in 2014 returned this wonderful pride of Klaipeda, adorned with white sails, for the delight of the townspeople.

Since 2011, every year Grūdoteka financially supports Klaipeda children hospital, kindergartens and, where possible, offers support and takes care of the urban community welfare.